For Startups

We recognize the unique needs and pressures that startups and growing companies face in healthcare. The healthcare and benefits landscape is ripe with opportunity for change, however, operational readiness matters. And enterprise decision makers (buyers) often have baseline requirements for who they will partner with on pilots and beyond. Understanding the challenges that lie ahead can help position you for winning business.

Our methodology applies a framework of four areas that are critical to building credibility in key markets:

  1. Market Planning - launch and go-to-market plan
  2. P&L Management - financials, pricing, and forecast
  3. Sales & Marketing - processes, tools and resources
  4. Operations Infrastructure - product, operations, and administrative functions

Based on a company assessment of these areas we develop a specific prioritized and actionable plan with the goal of fast tracking results.

In addition, we offer ongoing services to ensure successful execution, including (but not limited to) staffing and training, outsourcing, and advisory support.

Partner Network

We offer access to a network of partners - including healthcare staff (e.g., pharmacists, physicians, administration) and other key resources - to fill in critical gaps for execution.

In addition, we continue to build our network of investors, industry experts, and related businesses to support projects, as needed. If you're looking to join our partner network, please contact us at


Our belief is that every successful project is built on a foundation of discovery and company understanding. We also seek out clients that we believe are good mutual fit, and in a position to benefit from our services.